How to Create an HSBC Sub Account

Healthy money management techniques are a key to financial stability and longterm wealth management. HSBC sub-accounts are a unique way for individuals to manage their money as they offer the advantages of separate bank accounts without the inconvenience that comes with having separate account numbers and login credentials for each account. The sub-accounts allow for separate savings accounts to be created for specific savings goals while always being easily managed from the primary savings account.

Open a Taiwan dollar savings account with HSBC. Anyone over the age of twenty is able to apply for an account and the forms can be completed online. If approved, complete the process by visiting a local HSBC branch for ID verification. US dollar accounts can be opened at the same time as the Taiwan dollar account.

Log into the newly created savings account using the HSBC Direct online banking service. An option to "Add New Accounts" will appear on the left hand side of the screen.

Click the "Add New Accounts" button to add a sub-account. Each sub-account can be named so that it is easier to remember what the funds stored in it are going to be used for. It is possible to create multiple sub-accounts using the "Add New Account" button.