Courses Important to Business Finance Majors

Courses Important to Business Finance Majors
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As everyone struggles to make extra income by making the right financial decisions, finance has become one of the most lucrative and rapidly growing careers in the world. A business finance major comes with numerous responsibilities, and you must be well equipped by taking important courses to undertake diverse opportunities in the finance field. You should base your selection of courses on both career and personal development to be an all-around finance professional.

Financial Institutions and Markets

Understanding the operations of domestic and international financial markets and institutions is a definite way of identifying income and investment opportunities for clients. The course empowers you to understand valuation of securities and other forms of financial instruments in the capital markets. Dynamism of financial environment and diversity of financial instruments require practical relevance of the courses taken during the program. This course enables theoretical applications of finance concepts and their application to market situations.

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is taught in different stages or courses due to the depth of content involved. Most financial analysts or experts work with the corporate segment, and even where individuals are involved, they do business with corporate partners. Knowledge of corporate finance such as ways of raising capital or corporate investments in the form of mergers and acquisitions, subsidiaries and takeovers is an ideal way of building a name in the finance industry. With the advent of currency risks and their negative effects on corporate profits, a corporate finance course will put you ahead in understanding foreign exchange markets.

Financial Econometrics

Financial econometrics produces goose bumps among finance majors, but you need it for your decisions to hold water and be worth investing in. You must verify every financial decision through numbers, otherwise clients will not be convinced. Econometrics is a tool used for making decisions and predictions in the financial market. A financial expert needs to predict markets and choose options that can withstand turbulent financial conditions using econometric tools and time value of money concept.

Communications and Ethics

Financial markets in the U.S. have witnessed some of the worst financial and accounting ethics scandals including the Enron scandal, Lehman Brothers scandal and the Libor scandal. The effect has been a tainted image of financial experts, making it necessary to equip finance majors with basic ethics knowledge to help them survive in a field full of ethical dilemmas. A finance expert is often required to present reports to individual and corporate clients on the appropriate investment and income decisions. They are also required to represent their clients in various forums such as shareholders annual general meetings. A finance expert’s good work can be easily rubbished due to that expert’s inability to communicate ideas well to a group of investors.