How to Get a Copy of Your Income Tax Return

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If you need a copy of an income tax return that you’ve filed in the past, you can order copies from the Internal Revenue Service for a fee. If you’re requesting a copy of a tax return that you've filed in the last seven years, the request process is simple. A convenient request form can be downloaded from the IRS website. Fill out the form and mail it to the appropriate IRS office with your payment.

Enter your name as it appeared on the tax return that you originally filed in Box 1a. If the return was filed jointly, enter the name of the person listed first on the return when it was filed.

Enter your Social Security number or, if you filed a joint return, enter the Social Security number of the person listed first on the return, in Box 1b.

List the name of the joint filer, if there was one, in Box 2a. List that individual's Social Security number in Box 2b, if applicable.

Enter your current mailing address on Line 3. If your name has changed since you filed the return you are requesting, enter your current name before the address.

List the address that you used on your most recently filed tax return on Line 4. If you haven’t moved since your last return was filed, leave this line blank.

Enter the name, address and phone number of any third party to whom the IRS should send the copy of your return on Line 5. If you are requesting the return for yourself, leave this blank.

Enter the form number of the tax return you are requesting on Line 6. In most cases, this will be a Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ.

Check the box below Line 6 if you need the copy of your tax return certified for a court hearing.

Enter the year or years for which you are requesting copies in the box on Line 7. You can request up to eight years of returns here. If you need more than eight years, attach another Form 4506 with those years listed on this line.

Enter the total number of returns you are requesting in the box on Line 8b.

Calculate the cost of the copies. The IRS charges a $57 fee for each return requested. Multiply Line 8b by 57 to get the amount you owe for the copies. Enter that amount in the box on Line 8c.

Check the box on Line 9 if you want the refunded copying fee to be sent to the third party listed on Line 5 should the IRS be unable to locate the requested tax return. If you are paying for the copies yourself, don't check this box.

Enter your phone number in the box provided at the bottom of the form. Sign and date the form where indicated.

Mail the completed form and payment to the IRS. Send your request to the address that corresponds to where you resided when you filed the tax return. Select the processing location from the list of states provided in the instructions on the form.