How to Get a Company Enrolled in the Verizon Employee Discount Program

How to Get a Company Enrolled in the Verizon Employee Discount Program
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Since more than 300 million people are wireless subscribers in the United States alone, employers could appeal to their potential employees with discounts on cell phone service. Companies large and small can work with Verizon Wireless to provide employee discounts, adding value to the business's benefits package.

Find out if Your Company Already Has a Plan

Go to Verizon Wireless's website. Hover over "Phones and Devices" and then click on "Employee Discounts."

Enter your billing zip code, or select your state.

Enter your work e-mail address. If someone has already created a discount program, you will be notified that an e-mail containing the details has been sent to your e-mail. If this does not happen, you will need to set up a discount program.

Find a Verizon Consultant Online

Write down your company's zip code, business name and number of employees (1 to 4, 5 to 49, 50 to 499, or 500+). Prepare to categorize your business by industry.

Go to the to find your consultant.

Submit the required information that you prepared in step 2 of this section.

E-mail, call or fill in the form to contact the consultant that appears on the screen.

Find a Consultant by Phone

Call 800-899-4249 to speak with a Verizon Wireless representative.

Ask about setting up a Verizon Wireless employee discount program for your company.

Provide the company information from step 2 in section 2 when asked.

Follow the representative's instructions. You may be connected right away to a consultant.

Set up Employee Discount Plan

Give your consultant your company's e-mail address so your employees can quickly check on the discount rates.

Discuss discount rates and ask what is and is not covered in the plan (smart phone rates, data plan rates, family plans).

Ask when the discount plan starts.


  • Employees can use the Verizon Wireless Web site to access their employee discount. They can receive the discount on new service or add it to existing service. The percentage off only includes service and varies widely.

    Employees will need to verify their employment with your company with an employee ID or with a recent pay stub.

    If employees run into any problems claiming their discount, you and the Verizon Wireless consultant must communicate to resolve the issue.


  • Be honest about your company's size. It is not clear how Verizon Wireless determines who is eligible for discounts or how much that discount may be, but being forthright about the details will avoid negative actions taken against your company or its employees.