How to Get Your Colorado Unemployment PIN if You Lost It

To activate and use your Colorado Automated Payment card, a Visa debit card provided by Chase Bank, you must select a CAP Card personal identification number. CAP cards are valid for up to three years and can be used like a regular debit or credit card at retail locations. If you lose your PIN, contact Chase for a replacement. Chase does not charge a fee to replace a CAP PIN, but it does charge a fee to replace a CAP Card.

Contact Chase Customer Service at (866) 316-3925 or visit The Department of Labor and Employment and Unemployment Insurance Customer Contact Center cannot answer questions about your CAP Card account or issue a new Cap Card PIN.

Provide your full legal name as it appears on your unemployment insurance application, Social Security number, date of birth and permanent address.

Request a new card if applicable. Find the fee schedule on the letter that was sent with your original card.

Select a new four-digit PIN number. You must create a PIN number to use your card at retail locations with the Visa logo and at ATMs.

Receive the new card in the mail if you requested one. If not, continue using your original card. Your new PIN is now active.


  • Do not attempt to guess your PIN number. Three failed attempts will cause your card to lock. You will be unable to make transactions until 12:01 a.m. the following day.