How to Collect Disability in Florida

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The state of Florida has a strict policy for Social Security disability benefits, and a majority of claims are denied the first time submitted. There are several reasons why someone may be considered disabled, including medical, psychological or psychiatric illnesses. If approved, the disabled person will be able to receive monetary and medical insurance assistance from the government.

Meet requirements. To be considered, a person must have an impairment making it difficult for the person to earn enough money to live on. The state of Florida requires that the impairment will last for more than 12 months.

See a physician. A doctor must agree that the impairment is causing the person to earn less than $900 a month. In some cases, the state will request that a second opinion is obtained before approving benefits.

File application. An application must be filed through the Social Security office, either in person or online. Offices are located in every county throughout Florida.

Go to the interview. An in-person interview is required to discuss the impairment and level of disability. The interview will also be the time when the person filing for disability will be given all necessary information about the rest of the application process. Some counties will conduct the interview at the same time an application is being dropped off in person.

Appeal if the claim for benefits is denied. The state of Florida offers an appeals process for those who have been denied benefits the first time they applied. During this process, the claimant will be able to submit additional information backing up their disability claim, including second opinions and work capabilities.