Clothing Grants

Clothing Grants
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Different types of clothing grants are available from various organizations. Primarily the grants are for college, primary and secondary school children, or they are for adults who need interview clothing to help them find a job. Agencies around the country offer clothing grants for these two categories of individuals. Social service agencies that work with refugees, asylees, the homeless, those in domestic abuse shelters and other clients who need clothes often partner with a local nonprofit that provides clothes free of charge or for a nominal fee to clients.

Women's Center of Greater Lansing

The Women’s Center of Greater Lansing in Michigan offers clients who are working with the organization to find a job access to interview clothing. Clients can take home an interview ensemble to help them succeed in finding a job and becoming self-sufficient.

Career Gear of Houston

Career Gear Houston provides interview attire and career support services to low-income men in the Houston area. The organization provides services to low-income men referred to the organization by other agencies. The suits the men receive help them ace their next job interviews.

School Clothing Grant

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation provides grants to families for $200 to purchase school clothes for their. They can also purchase shoes with the grant. Pajamas, backpacks, robes, school supplies and other similar items are not eligible for purchase with this grant. Funding is limited and is provided on a first-come-first-served basis. Parents have to provide receipts for the purchase of clothes within 90 days after the Muscogee Nation issues the $200 checks. The entire purchase of clothes must meet or exceed the amount of the grants.

Chickisaw Nation Clothing Grant

The Chickasaw Nation Clothing Grant provides clothing for college students from the Chickasaw Nation. Full-time students receive a grant of $300 for clothes, and part-time students receive $150. Students receive money each year as they go through college. Graduate and doctoral students are eligible for $200 for each 15 credit hours they complete.

How to Get These Grants

If you are in need of clothing, contact a social service agency in your area that can help you. A list of local service agencies in your region is on the United Way’s and the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems’ 211 website and in the phone book. You can also call 211 to find out where to go for assistance. Churches, nonprofit organizations and government agencies can point you in the right direction to find clothing for your specific situation if you cannot locate the exact organization that can help you purchase or otherwise obtain clothing.