Where to Get Free Clothing

When you are just making ends meet, clothing expenses are hard to justify. But if you know where to look, you can find free clothing.

Local Community Center

Contact your local community centers to find out if they offer free clothing. Be advised that some centers may require your personal information and they may have limits on the number of visits and how many items you may take. Faith-based community centers are more likely to offer free clothing.

The Local Church

Many churches have community outreach programs that offer free clothing to those in need. Most church-funded programs do not have stipulations attached, but if a church has received a government grant, you may have to register your personal information and there may be limits on the number of visits you can make.

Don't write off a church that does not offer free clothing; it may be affiliated with with an organization or program that does.

Social Services

Your local social services agency may offer free clothing through a help center, or it may direct you to other organizations. Again, there may be limits on the amount of clothing you may take per visit.