How to Claim Unclaimed Dividends

How to Claim Unclaimed Dividends
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Many companies pay dividends to shareholders on a quarterly basis. Dividends are taxable, and the amount paid to each investor is determined by the company's profits. If you are a shareholder of a company that has merged with another company or been closed by a regulatory agency, you can still claim dividends that are owed to you even if you have not had regular correspondence with the company. Failing to cash or claim dividends over an extended period of time may cause a company to categorize the dividends as unclaimed. Contact the company directly to claim your dividends or, if applicable, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Contact the Issuing Company

Call the investor relations or human resources department manager of the company of which you are a shareholder. Either manager will have access to the information you need to claim your dividends.

Ask the manager or representative for an unclaimed dividend request form. The manager will also tell you what other documentation is needed to claim the dividends, such as state identification and proof that you own shares of the company.

Fill out the form completely and attach any other required documentation. Depending on the company, you may also need to have the unclaimed dividend request form notarized.

Mail the documents to the company via certified mail. After the company verifies your information, you will receive the dividend payout depending on the length of time it takes for the company to process your claim.

Contact the FDIC

Launch a Web browser on your computer and go to the FDIC Unclaimed Funds Web page.

Type your name in the "Your Name" box, then click the "Submit" button. If you have outstanding unclaimed dividends from a bank that has closed, the Results page displays your name, an FDIC reference number and the name of the financial institution. Record the information.

Print the Claimant Verification form from the FDIC website. (See Resources) Complete all fields on the form, including your Social Security number and your address. Notarize the form with a certified notary public.

Mail the form via certified mail to the FDIC Claims Department. A representative will contact you within 30 days from the day the form is received.