How to Claim the Elderly As Dependents on Taxes

When certain requirements are met, people can claim the elderly as dependents on their federal taxes. The Internal Revenue Service requires that the person either be related to you or live with you the entire year, have less gross income than the value of the exemption and have more than half of their support provided by you. By claiming elderly people who meet these requirements, you can reduce your income subject to taxes so that you will pay less when you file your return.

Download either form 1040 or 1040A from the IRS website. These are the only two filing options for those who wish to claim dependents.

Enter the elderly person's name on the appropriate line of your tax return. The reporting instructions remain the same whether you use form 1040 or 1040A.


Enter the elderly person's Social Security number and relationship to you next to his name on the form. Be sure to note the Social Security number correctly to make sure your deduction is not disallowed for a typo.


Include the elderly person as one exemption when you report the total number of exemptions you are claiming.