How to Claim a North Dakota Sales Tax Refund

How to Claim a North Dakota Sales Tax Refund
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Although taxpayers in North Dakota are not eligible for sales tax refunds through the state government, the legislature has allowed for a process in which counties can dictate caps on sales taxes paid to vendors within their governed limits. To obtain a sales tax refund, you will need to double-check that your county has a sales tax cap and whether you qualify. All of this information is available on the sales tax refund form provided by the state government.

Go online to the North Dakota state government’s “Sales and Use Forms and Instructions” page linked in the Resources section. Click “Claim for Refund of City or County Sales and Use Tax.” Download and print the PDF document.

Write your name and contact information into the corresponding form-fields.

List the qualifying purchases in the corresponding invoice list form. See the instructions on the next page of the document to see whether your purchases qualify as legitimate claims. Generally speaking, if you spent more than $2,500 in sales tax to a single vendor in the past year, your purchase qualifies for a refund.

Sign the form and submit it by mail to :

North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner, Sales and Special Taxes 600 E. Boulevard Avenue. Dept. 127 Bismarck, North Dakota 58505-0599