Church Treasurer Salary

Church Treasurer Salary
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A church treasurer is in charge of budgeting and bookkeeping for a church's finances, although actual taxes and accounting are usually left to a professional because of the complex rules surrounding nonprofit organizations. The salary for a church treasurer will vary according to who's doing it, and under what circumstances.


Some churches tap the congregation for a volunteer to manage the basic finances of the church. This person is likely to have business, accounting or bookkeeping experience and does the job out of a sense of responsibility for the church. As the word "volunteer" implies, these people don't receive money from the church. Their salary will be whatever they earn in their regular jobs.

Professional Bookkeepers

Larger churches may keep a professional bookkeeper on staff to handle their accounts. These professionals may expect to earn money competitive within their industry, for which the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a 2010 median wage of $34,030. The middle 50 percent of people in this field earned between $27.040 and $42,180 annually.


Smaller churches may place the church accounts among the responsibilities of the pastor himself. According to the BLS, clergy made a median salary of $43,970 in 2010, with the middle 50 percent earning between $31,780 and $58,360. Pastors often make money according to the donation income of their church, so small church pastors can expect to be on the lower end of this scale.

Church Council

Churches often operate under the guidance of an elected council, with Treasurer being a titled position on that board. The treasurer on the board may be an unpaid volunteer, or he may be paid a stipend for his work. The stipend is usually a token payment, and is almost never a replacement for the salary of the treasurer's regular job.