Christian Organizations That Help People in Debt

Many Christians who find themselves in debt feel a moral obligation to repay it rather than file bankruptcy. It can be difficult, however, to find debt consolidation services that recommend only debt relief options that Christians find ethical. Fortunately, many debt consolidation and credit counseling ministries are now available to Christians who are looking for faith-based debt help. According to Debt Consolidation Care, Christian debt relief programs help people get their finances “in order using the biblical principles of honesty, honor, and financial responsibility.”

Crown Financial Ministries

Crown Financial Ministries was established in 1985 when Christian Financial Concepts and Crown Ministries merged. The nonprofit organization considers itself to be all denominational and offers Christian based financial resources to help teach people how to get out of debt. Debt education is provided by Crown Financial Ministries in the form of books, workbooks, newsletters, radio shows, CDs and trained volunteers who can work one-on-one with people who are in debt. Some of Crown's services are free ad some are not. Though Crown Financial Ministries can help individuals manage their debt, the organization does not offer investment or financial planning advice.

Christian Financial Ministries

Christian Financial Ministries is a nonprofit organization started in 1987. The organization is a member of several financial counseling organizations including the American Association of Christian Counselors, Christian Legal Society and the National Institute for Financial Counseling Education. The ministry bases its debt counseling services on the “more than 2,350 [Bible] verses that address in very practical, specific ways the earning, saving, spending, investing, and giving of money.” The organization provides debtors with prayer, education, mentoring, creditor negotiations, foreclosure prevention help and counseling for those who are struggling to deal with the emotional stress that debt can cause. Christian Financial Ministries provides many of its services for free or at a discount.

Debt Free Christian

Debt Free Christian operates under Southern California’s Turning Point Financial Counseling. The ministry was started in August of 1998, by two marriage and family counselors who believe that financial wisdom must come form the same place as all other wisdom. They believe the Bible to be this source of wisdom. Debt Free Christian helps clients deal with credit cards, mortgages and other types of debts in addition to providing budgeting assistance and education. Debt Free Christian provides online and telephone education and counseling throughout most of the United States but does not practice in New York, Maine, Mississippi, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana or Wisconsin. All debt counselors at Debt Free Christian are certified by the National Institute for Financial Education.