How to Get a Child Support Debit Card in Florida

How to Get a Child Support Debit Card in Florida
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Child support is a responsibility of every parent, regardless of whether the two parents are married or not. Financial support ensures that the child continues to be provided with an acceptable standard of living. The state of Florida adopted and implemented a convenient electronic payment option for receiving child support payments using a prepaid card. Today, the Florida Department of Revenue does not send checks to child support recipients, but does the transfer through an electronic system via the smiONE prepaid card.

Getting the Child Support Card

Current Florida law only allows the electronic transfer of child support payments. The parents with the obligation to pay the child pay the amount needed to the Florida Department of Revenue for a transfer to the recipient. Currently, you can choose to receive the child support payments via a smiONE prepaid card or direct deposit. The card option offers convenience, as it can be utilized for shopping as well as withdrawals.

The application process for the card is simple and straightforward. Applicants visit the Florida Department of Revenue website and download the card application forms in their preferred language. After completing the form and dating it, the next step is the mailing of the form to the state of Florida disbursement unit. Currently, the forms cannot be submitted online or via fax.

Alternatively, failure to request direct deposits from the revenue department leads to the automatic registration of the card.

Checking smiONE Balance

There are three main ways of checking your smiONE balance: online, ATMs and through the mobile smiONE app. The smiONE mobile app allows you to check the account balance, enroll in and manage alerts, pay bills, transfer funds and find the ATMs in your neighborhood. At the ATM, you can check your balance, though the charges may be higher, especially with third-party machines. Online, you can register the smiONE card website that allows a user an account and track all card activity and access to balances.

When a child support payment has been made to the department of revenue, the amount will be forwarded to the card and all the transactions and balances will be accessible through the online account. Paying to the department allows the state to track compliance in payments and ensure the child support orders are honored. Further, it provides an opportunity to enforce the child support order in cases where a parent may stop paying the support.

Lost Card and Replacement

If the smiONE card is lost, call customer service to report the loss of the card and allow the card to be blocked to protect it against unauthorized use. For a replacement card, you can order a replacement card online by app or by calling customer care. Standard card shipping is free unless you request expedited shipping. Card replaced via standard mail will arrive within ​seven to 10​ working days after the card is replaced. For expedited shipping for a fee, your card will arrive via UPS within ​three to five​ business days.

Child Support From Another State

Florida court can establish child support regardless of whether the parent seeking the child support resides out of state. Conversely, Florida can assist with enforcing support orders from another state. Federal law requires recognizing and enforcing child and spousal support obligations from other states. Florida has strict child support laws to ensure that parents are paying their required amount of support.