Chevron: Stock Split History

Chevron Corporation is a major integrated oil company whose stock has recorded numerous adjustments since the 1920s. Along with splits, the company has previously included extraordinary dividends on its shares. Chevron today also includes the former Unocal and Texaco. Those companies' stocks have also had numerous adjustments. Though previous stock performance does not indicate future performance, previous splits from these companies may indicate strong corporate fundamentals. It is worth researching this stock if your investment objectives include growth and value. However, your objectives may still differ from those relating to this equity.


  • Over the course of its history as a publicly traded company, the Chevron Corporation and the various companies it has acquired have each undergone a number of stock splits.

Exploring Chevron Stock Splits

Chevron Corporation has had six stock splits since 1951. These splits occurred March 14, 1951; June 18, 1956; Dec. 10, 1973; March 10, 1981; June 10, 1994; and Sept. 10, 2004. All of these splits were 2-for-1 stock splits.

Evaluating Chevron Stock Adjustments

Chevron's stock has been adjusted numerous times due to ticker changes and extraordinary dividends. The stock changed its ticker Oct. 10, 2001, from CVX to CHV, and shareholders received one share for every share they previously owned. The company granted 5 percent dividends on stock May 9, 1969; Feb. 10, 1967; June 26, 1964; Feb. 8, 1963; Jan. 29, 1962; Dec. 15, 1955; Nov. 15, 1954; Jan. 27, 1950; and Jan. 28, 1949. The company also paid 2 percent dividends Dec. 15, 1930, and Dec. 16, 1929.

Identifying Texaco Stock Splits

Texaco split five times since 1951. Texaco split June 11, 1951; June 9, 1956; Aug. 10, 1961; Aug. 8, 1969; and Sept. 29, 1997. All of these were 2-for-1 stock splits. The company issued one share for every six shares outstanding Jan. 15, 1929, and March 19, 1973. Texaco issued one share for every five shares outstanding Oct. 8, 1947.

Researching Texaco Stock Adjustments

Texaco's stock has been adjusted numerous times. The company paid 2 percent stock dividends on its shares Dec. 16, 1960; Dec. 18, 1959; and Dec. 27, 1957. Texaco paid a 5 percent stock dividend Dec. 26, 1964, and a 2.5 percent dividend Nov. 15, 1948. When Chevron merged with Texaco, Texaco shareholders received 0.77 share of the merged company for every share outstanding.

Finding More About Unocal Stock Splits

Unocal split four times since 1964. Its shares split 3-for-1 Nov. 13, 1964. Its shares also split 2-for-1 June 1, 1979; Aug. 8, 1980; and Nov. 13, 1989. Chevron acquired Unocal in 2005 for a bid of $17.9 billion.

Assessing Unocal Stock Adjustments

Unocal has had numerous stock adjustments since 1954. The company paid a 10 percent stock dividend Jan. 4, 1954, and Feb. 16, 1956. The company paid a 4 percent dividend April 13, 1959, and Feb. 26, 1960. The company paid a 2 percent dividend Sept. 23, 1958; Feb. 28, 1961; Feb. 28, 1962; Feb. 28, 1963; and Feb. 28, 1994. When Chevron purchased Unocal, shareholders received either $29.755634 and 0.58582169 share of Chevron, $27.60 and 0.618 share of Chevron or 1.03 shares of Chevron for every Unocal share outstanding, depending on the stockholder's preference.


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