How to Check a Wells Fargo Account on the Internet

by Neil Kokemuller ; Updated July 27, 2017
You can access old bank account statements online with Wells Fargo as well.

To check your Wells Fargo account online, go to and enter your username and password. Your online access applies to any banking accounts you have included in your online banking profile.

Online Banking Enrollment

You have a couple of options to get signed up for Wells Fargo online banking. You can get assistance at a bank branch when you set up an account, or you can fill out the online sign-up form at To sign up online, enter your Social Security number, an account number and your e-mail address. After enrolling, you set up a username and password for online access.

Using Online Banking

At, enter your username and password in the upper left portion of the screen. You will see your basic checking and savings accounts. If you have home loans, credit cards and other banking products with Wells Fargo, you can add those accounts to your profile through the "Accounts Services" section. After doing so, your initial dashboard shows balances maintained in each account. You can click on any account for a more detailed view.

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