How to Check for a Telephone Service Provider

How to Check for a Telephone Service Provider
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When registering a phone, whether it be a landline phone or a cell phone, a caller speaks with a telephone service provider representative who helps to register the phone and number. And if a caller ever needs to cancel someone else’s phone service, a telephone service provider also is needed.

Landline Telephone

Check the latest phone bill. It will have a contact number on it or a name that identifies the telephone service provider.

Call “00” from the landline to speak to a representative from the telephone service provider. This number will connect the caller to the carrier, for which the telephone has been subscribed.

Ask the representative who he or she works for to identify the telephone service provider.

Cell Phone

Look on the phone to see if the cell phone service provider’s name is on it. Some phone service providers will print their name on the cell phone.

Find an old cell phone bill to see who issued the bill. This is the cell phone service provider.

Call direct services from the cell phone, if no bill can be found. Depending on the service provider, the method will vary. While some cell phones use the “*” symbol, others use “00” or a three-digit number, such as “256.” The number or symbol to use is located in the cell phone manual. Upon reaching an assistant, ask what company he or she works for to get the name of the cell phone service provider.