How to Check the Stock Market

How to Check the Stock Market
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Checking the stock market has evolved from having to check with a stock broker or to wait for the newspaper to be delivered to read the stock prices from the day before to instant information. The Internet delivers stock market information in real time and information can be read, received and viewed in multiple ways. From personal computers to laptops to cell phones, checking the stock market is fast and simple to do.

Compile a list of the stocks that you currently own and those that you have interest in purchasing. It is almost impossible to monitor and track all of the stocks available, therefore developing a list of those that you have direct interest in is important.

Create a portfolio of your current holdings including share amounts and purchase prices. This can be done simply with a spreadsheet or with an on-line portfolio tracking program. This will help you keep your information well organized.

Sign up for alerts by ticker symbol for stocks that you have the highest interest in. This can be done through various on-line sites including Yahoo Finance and Google Finance. This type of alert system should also be available to you should you have an on-line trading account. In addition, periodically review market overview information at the home page of finance web sites.

Read all information on company websites and general news sites. A fast way to find information on a company that you are interested in is to search the web based on the trading symbol of the company.

Download and install financial trading and monitoring applications to your personal computer, laptop and smart phone to make sure that you have the ability to check the stock market whenever you need to. The benefit of technology is that investors have the ability to check the stock market as they need to and no longer check only the closing price printed in newspapers.

Develop and maintain a schedule to track and monitor the stock market so that you become accustomed to doing so on a regular and routine basis. Stock market investors learn through experience, knowledge and consistency. Letting your knowledge base lapse is a fast way to fall out of favor with the market as it changes so often and so fast.


  • Keeping current with stock market information helps you become and stay an informed investor.


  • Always double check stock information before making decisions on whether or buy or sell stock.