How to Check My MIO Balance

How to Check My MIO Balance
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MIO Money is a pre-paid reloadable MasterCard. You can use the card anywhere MasterCard is accepted worldwide to make purchases, payments and ATM transactions. Purchase a MIO Money card at a grocery store for an average cost of $9.95, according to the MIO website. The MIO Value Plan offers free direct deposit or you can reload your card at a participating retailer for an average cost of $4.95. Using the card allows you to control your spending as you control your card balance. Check your MIO card balance before using the card to avoid transaction denials.

Checking Your Balance Online

Visit the MIO card website and locate the "Cardholder Login" link on the left side of the page under the banner.

Click "Cardholder Login" and enter the verification code in the box provided and click "Submit". The verification code step prevents the use of automated programs and helps secure your MIO card.

Enter your MIO card number and pin number and click "Log In" to view your account balance.

Checking Your Balance by Phone

Locate the toll-free number on the back of your MIO card to contact customer service.

Dial 1-866-840-MIO1 (6461) to reach the customer service line. The customer service department is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Follow the prompts of the automated system or speak with a representative to check your card balance.


  • It is recommended that only authorized users be allowed to use the card because the cardholder is responsible for all card transactions.


  • If your MIO card is lost or stolen, contact customer service immediately to have your remaining balance transferred to a replacement card.