How to Check Minutes on an AT&T Prepaid Phone Card

How to Check Minutes on an AT&T Prepaid Phone Card
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A prepaid phone card from AT&T offers the convenience of owning a mobile phone without having to deal with monthly fees or a long-term plan. Purchase only the amount of time you need, when you need it. You can purchase an actual plastic card to carry with you, or order your time online for a virtual option.

Check Your Balance

You can check the remaining balance on your prepaid card through your phone. Dial the toll-free access number listed in your confirmation email or on the back of your prepaid card. Enter your PIN number, then press the pound sign. Press "3" to hear your remaining balance or purchase more minutes. You can also check your balance online by entering your toll-free access number and PIN. (See Resources.)

Add More Minutes

Recharge your minutes through your phone or online. Perform the same steps to add more minutes as to check your balance. Worldwide Minutes are available in $30 and $50 increments, while PrePaid Minutes are available in blocks between 100 to 1000 minutes.