How to Check a Massachusetts Tax Refund by Phone

Many people have grown accustomed to doing everything online. In fact, a growing number of people are filing tax returns online in Massachusetts using the state's very convenient e-file portal. The Massachusetts Department of Revenue adds extra convenience and reassurance to this option by also allowing you to check the status of your Massachusetts tax refund online after you've filed. However, that isn't the only way.

You can still simply place a call to retrieve information about the status of your refund in minutes. The phone option for checking your Massachusetts tax refund is available whether you filed online or by mail. Take a look at how to check on your Massachusetts 2020 tax refund by phone.

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Options for Checking Your Massachusetts 2020 Tax Refund

Once you file your state taxes, it's understandable if you're eager to see the progress of your refund. Taxpayers who file in Massachusetts have very convenient options for tracking the statuses of their refunds.

First, you can simply log into the MassTaxConnect portal to check your refund status. You will be required to enter your Social Security number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) if you choose this option. You will also need to supply the tax year and tax amount for the refund. However, checking your refund status by logging into MassTaxConnect isn't your only option.

There's no need to panic if you can't access the Internet to check the status of your Massachusetts tax return. The Massachusetts Department of Revenue makes it easy to simply check your refund by phone. Here's the process:

  • Call ​(617) 887-6367​ or ​(800) 392-6089​ (toll-free in Massachusetts).
  • Follow the automated prompts. You will be asked to supply your SSN/ITIN, filing status and refund amount.
  • Listen to the status of your refund as it is shared through the automated voice system.

Importance of Checking the Status

Is it necessary to check the progress of your Massachusetts income tax return? While you don't necessarily have to check the status of your return, this option helps some people to enjoy peace of mind over being able to track their returns. The fact that it's been a few weeks since you filed your taxes without any sign of your refund showing up just yet doesn't necessarily mean there's a problem.

For Massachusetts taxpayers who electronically file taxes, it typically takes ​up to six weeks​ for returns to be processed. It can take ​up to 10 weeks​ to see your return if you file by paper.

When Is Tax Day for Massachusetts Income Taxes?

The deadline to file Massachusetts income taxes for 2021 is Thursday, ​April 15​. This is the same as the deadline for your federal tax return if you are required to file taxes for 2020 in 2021. The deadline for filing 2019's tax return in 2020 was extended to ​July 15​. However, that automatic extension will not be in place for taxpayers filing 2020's returns in 2021.

Keep in mind that you don't necessarily have to wait until April 15 to file if you're eager to get your 2021 tax refund. You can speed up your refund deposit by filing as soon as you have all the necessary documents in your possession.