How to Check if the IRS Received My 1040 Form

How to Check if the IRS Received My 1040 Form
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Most taxpayers have to fill out the IRS Form 1040, the individual income tax return. So, you need to know how to get 1040 from the IRS. In addition, you need to know where to find the IRS 1040 tax form update once you file it to confirm it’s within the system. That’s because there are penalties attached to filing your tax returns late or not paying all the taxes you owe.

How to Find IRS 1040 Tax Form

Since Form 1040 is an individual income tax form, you cannot wait for someone to send it to you. Instead, you must find and get it yourself because filing personal taxes is your responsibility.

Typically, the IRS avails many of its publications in PDF format and Braille formats. So, you can download them from the IRS website or call the number 1-800-TAX-FORM (​1-800-829-3676​) to get what you need.

What You Need When Filing Form 1040

Form 1040 or 1040-SR is rarely completed in isolation. Depending on what other activities you carry out, you are likely to require other forms when filing your individual tax returns.

For example, if you gamble on occasion, you must complete and attach Schedule 1 to report your gambling winnings. On the other hand, if you run a business as a side-hustle, you must use Schedule 2 and Schedule SE to report your self-employment taxes. There is also Form 8962, which you can attach to claim credits. So, follow instructions concerning what other documents to include.

It is also important that you get tax records that show previous tax payments. The transcripts are usually available online via your account where you can view, print or download them. But you can also request them by mail if you prefer.

The transcripts may be instrumental in determining how much you have already paid as taxes for the year, balances of taxes you owe, existing payment plans and other kinds of tax history. You could even use them to calculate the tax refund due to you.

How to Verify IRS Gov. Form 1040 Reception

When is a 1040 received? Well, it depends on whether you request an electronic or physical return form.

Requesting for transcripts may be one way of ensuring you confirm whether the IRS received your 1040 form. You could use the online Get Transcript tool or Get Transcript by Mail for that purpose. Also, you could fill and complete Forms 4506-T or 4506T-EZ to request the tax returns you filed.

Generally, you need to allow ​five to 10 calendar days​ to receive your physical transcripts for the previous tax years.

However, a specified period must elapse between when you request transcripts and file your 1040 tax returns on or before the April deadline. It usually ranges from ​two to eight weeks depending on the records you are requesting, whether you e-filed or mailed your tax returns and when you submitted your full payments.

Another way is to log into your online IRS account and view your account information. If you e-file, you will receive a status update about your return almost immediately. You could also use the IRS Where's My Refund tool. The latter’s systems are updated every ​24 hours​.

Also, you could watch out for the status updates or emails from your e-filing software or website.

In addition, you could call and ask IRS representatives whether they have received your Form 1040. The number to call is ​1-800-829-1040​. But be prepared for long waiting times.

It is better to check if the IRS has received your 1040 form than to simply assume. You may think you filed your taxes only to discover that you did not file the returns. And then, you may end up paying late-to-file tax penalties you shouldn’t have. Therefore, always err on the side of caution.