How to Check an Illinois Tax Refund

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If you had more money withheld for Illinois income taxes than you end up owing, you're probably eagerly awaiting your refund. To find out when you'll receive it, the Illinois Department of Revenue lets you check the status online at the Department's "Find My Refund" website. If you're inquiring about a previous tax year, such as if it's 2015 and you're checking your 2013 tax return, call 800 732-8866 instead. If you want your return faster, file electronically and have the refund directly deposited into your account, notes the Illinois Department of Revenue.

Required Information

To check your Illinois refund status, you must provide your Social Security number and first and last name. You can also provide either your cell phone number or email address to receive a text message or email when the return is processed. This way, you don't have to check in every day to find out the status of your refund. If you have to call the Illinois Department of Revenue about your refund, you will also need to provide your address and adjusted gross income, which is found on line 1 of your Illinois return.