How to Check on a GI Bill Payment

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Included as part of the The Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944, the GI Bill has paved the way for millions of active duty, reservists and veterans an opportunity to attend college or other approved technical training. Paying for tuition and other bills can be stressful and the VA understands that many using the GI Bill will need to verify payment has been sent or check on a missing payment, so the VA has made available different ways to verify the status of GI Bill payments.

Ensure that you have verified monthly enrollment if required. Checks generally take 14 days to arrive once enrollment is verified, while direct deposit generally takes 7 days to receive payment.

Call 888-442-4551 and speak to the VA regarding the status of a GI Bill payment.


Use the VA's "Ask a Question" on to request the status of a GI Bill payment if you would rather use the Internet option. An email address or registered user ID is required to ask a question.




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