How to Check a Debit Card Balance Without an ATM

How to Check a Debit Card Balance Without an ATM
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Debit cards are a way to deduct money from your bank account and function the same as cash and checks. When using a debit card, people pay for an item or service immediately. Credit cards, though similar in appearance, are different, as they allow users to pay for goods later. Debit cards can be a useful tool in managing your personal finances. Checking the balance of your bank account can be done using the card at an Automatic Teller Machine, but this can be inconvenient and time-consuming, particularly if a person needs to know whether he has incurred a negative balance.

Utilize Online Banking

Download the Bank's Mobile App

Call the Bank Teller

Use the Customer Service Number

Flip your debit card over and look for the customer service telephone number printed on the back. Dial the number and follow the prompts to enter your debit card number and any associated PIN. The automated system will automatically report your current balance and you'll have the option of pressing one of the keys to hear recent transaction. This is a great way to check your balance without visiting an ATM.

Reconcile Your Bank Statement

Hang on to the receipts for items purchased with your debit card. Check these against your monthly bank account statement or current balance. Not only will this allow you to make a fair representation of your remaining balance but will also alert you if there is a bank error or suspected identity theft.

Keep Track Manually

Take a few seconds to write down each transaction every time you use your debit card, rather than relying on a statement or balance check. This is the most accurate and easiest way of knowing your balance.