How to Check My Credit Card Online

How to Check My Credit Card Online
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Using the Internet to check your credit card makes it easier to track your payments, balances and charges. It also allows you to monitor your account from wherever you are. It does not take long to check your credit card online, but you will need to provide security information each time you check it. Online banking makes it easier to manage all of your accounts. You can also use your smart phone to check your credit card.

Register for an online account with your credit card company. You will need to provide your account number and other information to verify your identity.

Set up a username and a password to access your credit card account in the future.

Answer the security questions so that you can verify your identity when the bank wants to do an extra check on your identity.

Click on your account information tab. This will show you your account balance, interest charged and your payment amount and due date.

Choose the transactions tab to see the current transactions on your account. This will show you the transactions since your last credit card statement.

Select the statements tab if you want to review older statements.

Use the profile tab to change your mailing address and other contact information.

Pay your credit card online by clicking the make payment option and entering your checking account details.


  • You can select to have your statements emailed to you instead of receiving them in the mail. You can also set up payment reminders from your credit card account.