How to Check the Child Support Balance I Owe in Mississippi

If you've fallen behind in your child support payments, you may be trying to figure out the balance you owe so you can bring your payments current. Although a review of your court-ordered support paperwork will reveal your periodic child support obligation, simply multiplying the number of payments you've missed by this payment amount may not cover all the money you owe. You may owe additional money because of late fees and interest on the unpaid support. The best place to start your search for the balance you owe is the Mississippi Department of Human Services Child Support program.

Mississippi Child Support Program

Mississippi Department of Human Services has district offices throughout the state that facilitate its child support program. You can reach someone in the Mississippi Department of Human Services Child Support Call Center by calling 877-882-4916. You can also visit your county office and speak to your caseworker. If you don't have a caseworker, you can request one. If you've fallen behind in your payments because of a significant financial change in your income, the Mississippi Department of Human Services can even help you get a modification of your child support order.


  • According to the Mississippi Office of Child Support Enforcement, if your adjusted gross income has taken a hit of at least 25 percent, you can petition the court for a modification order. It will not cost you anything to try and change your order.

Contact Your Employer

If you have a payroll deduction option for making periodic child support payments, you may be able to find out the balance you owe simply by contacting your company's payroll administrator. The balance that your employer shows may not be entirely accurate, because of possible fees and interest that have accumulated. But this should give you an approximate estimate of what you owe.

Call Your Attorney

If you're hitting a stumbling block to find out the balance you owe for your child support payments, you can also call your attorney. An attorney can not only help you find this information but also give legal advice for how you can catch up your balance. Your attorney may be able to have any interest payments suspended, help you reach a settlement with your child's custodial parent or guardian or pursue what's called "equitable forgiveness." This means that a judge may rule in your favor to forgive all or part of your overdue child support amount, depending on special circumstances.

When You're Current Again

After you've paid the child support balance you owe, and you're moving forward, you may decide to make future payments by automatic bank account debits or payroll deductions, if you're not already paying this way. The Mississippi Department of Human Services can help you set up these payment methods. A representative can also tell you how to set up an account so you can pay cash at Mississippi's PayNearMe Child Support locations.


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