How to Check Your South Carolina State Tax Refund

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The South Carolina Department of Revenue has multiple ways for you to check the status of your state tax refund so that you aren't checking your mail anxiously each day. The Department's website has an "Income Tax Refund Status" page, but you can also call the Department at 803-898-5300 or 803-898-5000.

Required Information

To check your refund status, you need your Social Security number and the amount you're expecting to receive. According to the South Carolina Department of Revenue, it takes about seven to eight days to receive a refund if you file electronically or two to three weeks to process a paper return. But if there are any mistakes on your return, or the Department needs additional information, your refund will be further delayed. Amended returns also take additional time to process. The server updates the refund status information daily at noon, so there's no need to check several times during the same day.