How to Check a Boyfriend's Credit

How to Check a Boyfriend's Credit
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Maybe you are considering moving in with your boyfriend, or maybe he's come around asking for a short-term loan. In either case, making a brash decision without the facts can be a big financial risk. You shouldn't get involved in money matters with your boyfriend without knowing where he stands, and there's no better way to find out than by performing a credit check.

Ask your boyfriend to present his credit score and information, if he has access to it. It is unlikely you will be able to access his credit score without his permission, unless you get a court order--and by then, you've probably already engaged in an exchange of money with him.

Help your boyfriend request a credit report from one or more of the credit reporting bureaus, such as Experian, EquiFax, or TransUnion.

Ask your boyfriend to set up an account with a credit report monitoring site, such as and give you access to the account so that you can have full disclosure of his credit situation at any time you wish to see it.


  • You should not attempt to get information on your boyfriend's credit without his permission. You could end up owing thousands of dollars to your boyfriend and lawyers.