How to Check Bankruptcy Records

Section 107 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code requires bankruptcy case information to be public record. People who wish to look up their own bankruptcy case or the case of another person can access the information by phone for free through the U.S. Department of Justice's Voice Case Information System. The VCIS allows people to use their phone to navigate bankruptcy court records and listen to an automated listing of case information. To use the VCIS, you must know the bankruptcy district in which the case was filed and the name of the debtor.

Go to Select "Find a Case" and choose "Automated Phone Access." Scroll down until you find the number for the bankruptcy district in which the debtor filed.

Call the number for the bankruptcy district where the debtor filed. A voice prompt will guide you through the menu by using the touch-tone buttons on your phone. Select the option to search bankruptcy records by name.

Punch in the debtor's name using the keys on your phone. Substitute "1" for "Q" or "Z." Press the "#" key.

Listen as the system lists information about the case, including the names of the debtors, lawyers, the judge and the trustee. You can also hear the case number, the current status of the case and important dates such as the filing, 341 meeting, a discharge or dismissal and closing dates.