Cheapest Place to Live in Colorado

Individuals from around the world flock to Colorado in order to immerse themselves in the unique culture and natural beauty of this state. With an increase in attention, however, has also come an increase in demand for property and a surge in overall cost of living. That being said, many areas of the state are still quite affordable for those seeking to enjoy the natural beauty of Colorado without breaking the bank. Colorado Springs and Fort Collins are two examples of fun, budget-friendly places to live in Colorado.


  • Cities such as Colorado Springs and Fort Collins provide ample access to natural beauty and culture while still maintaining a relatively affordable cost of living.

More About Colorado Springs

Near the southeastern tip of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs has long been considered a destination city for those exploring the state for the first time. Even with its status as a tourist destination, Colorado Springs remains affordable for residents as well. What makes this city so appealing for potential residents is the combination of affordable housing and a large number of professional opportunities. There are a wide array of open jobs for individuals who may be coming from an eclectic mix of backgrounds. The median home price in Colorado Springs is approximately 220,000.

More About Fort Collins

In Fort Collins, it is possible to find the ideal mix of affordable housing and a bustling local economy. Not only is the city of Fort Collins home to Colorado State University, one of the city's largest employers, but it also hosts many national and internationally recognized businesses, such as Hewlett Packard and Intel. Although the median home price in Fort Collins is slightly higher than in Colorado Springs, the large number of high-paying jobs found here will help ensure that residents can find property that matches their budget. Peripheral expenses, such as food and transportation, are well within the average ranges found throughout the state.

Other Considerations

For many individuals, the decision to move to Colorado is inspired by a love of forests, mountains and other breathtaking landscapes. It is important to note, however, that many of the more scenic regions of the state are in incredibly high demand, making property values skyrocket. With that in mind, it is essential that you take the time to realistically evaluate y0ur budget and your prospective income in order to ensure that you don't waste exploring property in communities that are simply too expensive. When weighing your options, it is also worth your time to assess what local tax rates are in order to make sure that your tentative expenses are indeed accurate.