Cheapest Cities to Live in the U.S.

Cheapest Cities to Live in the U.S.
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Cost is an important factor to consider when searching for a city in which to live or do business. Whether you're a recent graduate looking for her first place to call home or a senior searching for the perfect place to retire, knowing which cities in the United States are affordable can help you make an informed decision about where to live.

Spokane, Washington

Forbes rates Spokane, Washington, the cheapest city in which to live on the West coast, while CNN Money dubs it one of the "100 Best Places to Live and Launch a Business." (Located near the Washington-Idaho border, Spokane had a population of around 200,000 in 2008. Spokane maintains the perks of a larger city, such as museums, an opera house and a symphony, while also offering access to nearby lakes, national parks and ski resorts. Since Washington has no personal or business income taxes, Spokane is the perfect city for someone looking to save money without sacrificing culture and amenities.

Manchester, New Hampshire

Manchester, New Hampshire, topped Forbes' 2009 list for America's 100 Cheapest Places to Live. Forbes cites Manchester's low cost of living combined with affordable housing, opportunities for employment and safety as a few of the city's many allures. There are also no income or sales tax. Art, science and culture aficionados can take advantage of the city's museums, while sports fans can check out the Verizon Wireless Arena for hockey and more.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma, was chosen as both one of the cheapest U.S. cities and one of the most livable by Forbes in 2009. The city has low crime, low unemployment rates and a reasonable cost of living. Residents can also enjoy the Tulsa Opera, two symphonies, various museums and a performing arts center. Sports fans can enjoy Tulsa's baseball, hockey, arena football and basketball teams, while outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of more than 6,000 acres of parks and trails.