Cheap Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

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One of the most important rooms in the house, the kitchen should be functional without losing style. Remodeling the kitchen improves not only the look of the entire house, but also improves the chances of selling the home when the time is right. No matter what your budget is, there are endless options to updating the look of the kitchen without going overboard on the spending.


One of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to remodel a kitchen is to give it a new coat of paint to accent cabinet or floor colors. Whether you want to open up a small space by painting in a sunny yellow, or you want to give your kitchen a bold makeover with a burgundy or steel blue palette, paint is affordable and can instantly update a room. If you have lighter tile, deep-colored wood cabinets or floors, enhance the room by painting walls in rich, bold shades like blue, green, red or orange to keep the room inviting and stimulating. For darker tile, white woods or cabinets, choose shades of paint such as sea foam green, gray-blue, or lavender to contrast the colors, but lower any harsh impact.


Even though appliances may seem expensive, they are still an affordable way to remodel a kitchen. Remove outdated refrigerators, dishwashers, or ranges and replace them with stainless steel appliances, which are desired in most homes. To save money while remodeling the kitchen, keep an eye on advertisements from home improvement or appliance stores, since they often have sales or offer discounts on appliances. While changing the look of the kitchen is important, updating the fundamental needs of the kitchen is invaluable.


Lighting is important in any room, but in a place of high traffic and socializing, having the right amount of light is vital to the room. Modernize the kitchen by placing track or recessed lighting on the ceilings, and add a hanging fixture over important areas like an island or breakfast nook. For more specialized lighting, you can purchase track lights to install underneath cabinets, offering more light to bounce off countertops. Under-cabinet lighting is easy to install, and provides extra light to read cookbooks or simply have a low-lighting effect when the overhead lights are off.