Cheap EMT Training

Cheap EMT Training
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Emergency medical technicians (EMT) are those who respond to medical emergencies outside of a health facility. Due to the nature of the job, EMTs require extensive training. Tuition costs can range greatly but a variety of inexpensive training options are available to fit your financial goals, including attending community colleges.

Levels of EMT Training

There are four levels of EMT training including EMT Basic, two levels of EMT Intermediate, and EMT Paramedic. The level of training depends on the rank and the procedures you are able to perform. EMT Basic takes the least amount of time and money to complete.

Schedule of Training

EMT Basic is approximately two weeks with eight to 12 hours a day of training. However, EMT Basic training restricts the types of procedures you are allowed to carry out. EMT Paramedic training can take up to two years to complete. You need to select the right training based on your career direction and your financial goals.


Community colleges offer programs that are among the lowest in tuition.
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The cost of the training depends on the EMT level. Prices as of 2010 range from $600 for EMT Basic and up to $3,500 for EMT Paramedic. According to the Iowa Emergency Medical Services, EMT training was offered at a community college in 2010 for $600. Check with your local community college for fees.

Where to Get Training

A variety of institutions offer EMT training, including colleges, universities and technical schools. The most inexpensive training options were those programs offered by community colleges.