How to Create Cheap Baby Shower Decorations

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Hosting a baby shower is a fun event that helps get new parents off to a good start. But without careful planning, a baby shower can end up being very expensive for the person throwing the party. Costs to consider include invitations, stamps, food and beverages, prizes for games, and decorations. Following are some ideas to help you keep costs under control while decorating.

Since baby showers typically include a lunch, make the food do double duty by having it serve as decorations. Make a simple pink punch with 7-Up and cranberry juice or pink sherbet. Mix whipped cream into blue Jell-O to make a pretty pastel blue side dish. Splurge a little by making a fruit salad in a watermelon shaped like a baby buggy. Cut an L-shape down and across the watermelon to make it look like a buggy with a hood. Hollow out the watermelon and fill with fruit pieces. Peel a cantaloupe to resemble a baby’s head. Carve gentle U shapes into the “face” to look like closed eyes. Where the baby’s mouth should be, carve out a little hole and insert a pacifier. Sprinkle coconut on top of the fruit to look like a blanket.

Hang a clothesline of baby items across one wall. Scour thrift shops and yard sales for good-quality, clean sleepers and other baby things that would typically hang on a clothesline. You will probably be able to pick up small items such as bibs, hats and booties at very cheap prices. Use craft paint to paint wooden clothespins pink and blue for a cute touch. If the parents-to-be are not opposed to dressing their baby in used clothing, you’ve provided a present, as well as made a decoration.

Balloons create a big visual impact without making a big impact on your wallet. But while balloons are cheap, helium is not. Even small helium tanks can run anywhere from $30 to $50. For a cheaper alternative, blow up balloons, attach them to lengths of pastel curling ribbon and suspend them in bunches from corners of the room. Also consider taping them in alternating colors around doorways to create a pink-and-blue or other pastel color rainbow.

Make a shower mobile. Cut out pictures of cute babies from magazines. Glue the pictures to poster board and attach each picture to varying lengths of ribbon. Buy a cheap pink or blue umbrella at a discount store, and suspend it from the ceiling over a table. From the ribs of the umbrella, hang the ribbons with the baby pictures.

Shop at your local discount party store or dollar store for plain white paper or vinyl tablecloths, which are generally much cheaper than those having a design. On an oblong table, make a runner of pastel crepe-paper streamers over the tablecloth. If you are covering a round table, make “spokes” of crepe paper in a wheel pattern that crisscrosses across the table. Use traditional pink or blue or several pastel colors for visual appeal.


  • Plan your budget before you shop for decorations and only choose decorations that fit into your budget.

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