Charity Foundations That Will Help Pay Bills

Charity Foundations That Will Help Pay Bills
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Various charity foundations and organizations throughout the United States offer help to people in paying bills. These nonprofit organizations often help those in need by paying for necessities such as rent, heating, water and electricity bills and offer referrals to agencies that can provide continuing assistance.

American Red Cross

American Red Cross.
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The American Red Cross is perhaps best known for its assistance of those in disaster and emergency situations, such as fires and earthquakes. However, local chapters of the American Red Cross also help with utility bills and emergency housing assistance for those who are facing foreclosure or eviction. Services provided by the American Red Cross may vary by location and are based upon individual need.

The American Red Cross National Headquarters is located at 431 18th Street, NW Washington, DC 20006. If you have any questions about the organization, you can call 1-202-303-5214 or visit

The United Way

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The United Way is a global nonprofit organization that help pay utilities bill by assisting thousands of people in need each day. The United Way offers support and help to the needy in paying for necessities, like food, utilities, housing, child care and much more. The United Way also works with other charitable organizations to provide ongoing assistance to those who need counseling or long-term care. United Way even assists domestic violence victims to help them get out of a dangerous situation.

You can contact United Way Worldwide via mail at 701 North Fairfax St. Alexandria, Virginia 22314, or by calling 1-703-836-7112. You'll also find more information on their website

The Salvation Army

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Perhaps most famous for its yearly Christmas drive, the Salvation Army another one of the foundations that help with bills year round. The Salvation Army assists individuals and families with nowhere else to turn and even helps pay heating, electricity, water and other utility bills. The Salvation Army also has programs that offer food and shelter assistance, as well as adult daycare service centers for working families who are caring for elderly family members. Working parents can also obtain Salvation Army child care vouchers that are designed to help offset the cost of child care.

The Salvation Army National Headquarters is found on 615 Slaters Lane, P.O. Box 269, Alexandria, VA 22313. If you'd like to donate goods or schedule a pickup, you can call 1-800-728-7825 or visit to find a branch close to home.

Catholic Charities USA

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When it comes to using charities to help pay bills, Catholic Charities is an excellent place to turn. The organization specifically states that they are willing to help those is poverty no matter what religion they are. They have a long list of programs that include housing assistance, disaster relief services, immigrant and refugee services and health and nutrition assistance. Many local chapters are also able to offer emergency assistance. This programs helps families that have suffered a job loss, hospitalization or death of a loved one with paying utility bills, groceries and medications.

You'll find Catholic Charities USA at 2050 Ballenger Ave, Suite 400, Alexandria, VA 22314. They can also be reached by calling 1-703-549-1390.