Charities That Will Help Pay Medical Bills

Charities offer grants, loans and advocacy to assist those who can't afford to pay for the past and future care. Patient advocates and non-profit charities area accessible nationwide, and exhibit flexible guidelines and payment plans for those in need.

Charities that Help Pay Medical Bills

Assistance comes in many forms, such as grants, low interest loans and by donation. The Department of Human Services in each state also aids adults who need help with paying medical bills. Some charities and social organizations also help with transportation and living expenses related to continued medical care.

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Charitable Aid Organizations

Medi-Corp Health System assists with charity care, payment scheduling and discounts for those in need of assistance with medical bills. Guidelines for the charity care program detail the income requirements for program qualification. Plans for receiving care using this charitable program should be made in advance of treatment. Medi-Corp also offers a discount program that enables lower bills for the uninsured or underinsured. Qualification for the discount program is income based. Discounts are given on a sliding scale, typically covering between 20 to 60 percent of the billed amount (see Resources below). Medical Billing Advocate serves as mediators between the patient and the billing agency. The advocates review and audit bills for accuracy, and negotiate a payment plan to keep patients from defaulting and causing credit rating hit (see Resources below).

Patient Advocacy and Debt Consolidation

The Patient Advocate Foundation assists with payment of medical bills, and related health care service needs (see Resources below). Ameriplan also assists with medical billing needs for both basic and major medical and dental procedures. Chiropractic services are a covered feature with this charitable discount program. Specific income and need based guidelines exist for qualification. For additional information visit

Medical Debt Assistance

The Medical Debt Help organization offers assistance and low cost medical insurance coverage for qualifying individuals. Consolidating and assisting with medical debt is the primary function of this assistance group. For additional information visit Catholic Charities offers medical bill assistance to those in need throughout the United States. This charitable organization works in conjunction with the Providence Healthcare Network to provide services. For additional information visit or

Medical Bill Relief for Veterans

The American Veterans Relief Foundation also aid veterans and their family members when encumbered with mounting medical bills. For additional information visit Modest Needs is a charitable organization that assists with securing a variety of medical bill relief grants. Grant funds used to aid qualifying individuals include independent living grants, back to work funding and self-sufficiency grants.

Charity Groups Provide Household Living Assistance

Salvation Army USA serves those in need with monetary assistance with medical bills, transportation, housing, prescriptions, and continuing care. For additional information visit The Free Medical Camps charity doesn’t assist with past medical bills, but does provide new and continuing care for those who meet the income guidelines. For additional information regarding programs and services visit The Ways to Work Foundation helps adults who can’t secure loan funding at traditional lending institutions. Funds can be used to pay unexpected bills, fix transportation issues and purchase prescriptions. For additional information visit The United Way of America collaborates with various non-profit organizations to aid those in need. Many UW organizations also work in conjunction with county or parish Departments of Development to secure grant funds to disperse. For additional information visit