Charities to Help Pay Rent in Arizona

Charities to Help Pay Rent in Arizona
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If you're behind on your rent in Arizona, charities and non-profit organizations can help you avoid eviction. The assistance from each charity usually is awarded on a one-time basis, though some charities have programs to help you recover from a financial hardship. The eligibility requirements may vary depending on the charity, but generally you'll need to demonstrate financial need.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities helps those in need, regardless of religious affiliation. The charity provides emergency financial assistance to help pay one month's rent, or the first month's rent if you need to relocate. In addition to helping with the rent, the charity also has programs that can help you permanently improve your financial situation. The Poverty Reduction Program provides education services and skill building to help you achieve economic self-sufficiency. Contact Catholic Charities of Arizona by calling 602-650-4838.

Lutheran Social Ministry

Lutheran Social Ministry is a national charity with locations throughout the country. Although the charity aims to help the less fortunate, the primary focus groups include senior citizens, disabled, homeless, immigrants and low income households with children. Available assistance varies by location. Lutheran Social Services Rent and Mortgage Assistance provides rental assistance in Arizona. The assistance is up to one month's past due rent or the first month's rent. Lutheran Social Services can be reached at 877-258-2059.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army offers services to prevent homelessness, including rental assistance. Families in need of temporary assistance may be eligible for emergency financial help. Emergency food and utility assistance also is available. Specific programs vary by location and funding is limited. If it is unable to assist you due to funding, it may be able to refer you to another charity or organization in the area. Call your local Salvation Army office for a pre-screening interview and appointment. Visit to find locations near you.

The Society of St. Vincent De Paul

As of 2015, The Society of St. Vincent De Paul features 15 different programs in central and northern Arizona. The programs help people in need with food, shelter, clothing, furniture, utilities, medical, dental and more. The Family Eviction Prevention Program is designed to prevent families from losing their homes. The program offers a one-time crisis assistance payment to cover a month's rent or mortgage payment. For more information, call 602-261-6836 or dial 211.