Charities That Give to Single Women

Charities That Give to Single Women
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Most charities have a specific target group or mission. Single women may face many problems such as poverty, domestic violence, homelessness or challenges as a single parent. There are many charities who have programs and resources specifically for single women.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities USA is a national organization with chapters all over the country. Its goal is to reduce poverty, help communities and strengthen families while adhering to Catholic values. Catholic Charities of Central Florida ( has a program targeted specifically toward single women and single moms called the Women, Children and Family Initiative. This program offers help with housing, counseling, pregnancy services, refugee assistance and self-sufficiency training.


The YWCA is a worldwide organization for women. Its goal is to empower women as its members work to eliminate racism, advocate for women's rights and encourage women to break free of their roles as victim.s YWCA services include emergency or transitional shelter, job training, help with child care for single moms, health care, safety from domestic violence, leadership training and racial justice.

Parents Without Partners

Parents Without Partners ( is for single mothers (and fathers) raising children without the help of a partner. This organization has several chapters across the nation with a goal to empower parents and their children by providing a supportive community, educational opportunities and social activities for the entire family. The group also advocates for single parents with legislative lobbying, national conferences and community service.

Single Parents Alliance of America

The Single Parents Alliance of America ( provides financial assistance to single parents, mostly single mothers. By joining the SPAOA, members have access to help through government grants, grants for education, a pharmacy discount card and information about discount shopping. SPAOA is also able to help members on an individual basis with financial problems. Membership is free, but the prospective member must prove she is a single parent.