How to Change Names on United States Saving Bonds

How to Change Names on United States Saving Bonds
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U.S. savings bonds are registered to individual owners or co-owners. Only a named owner can cash or redeem a savings bond. An issued savings bond cannot be transferred to another owner in its current form. . The Department of the Treasury allows for name changes on bonds using the reissue process for savings bonds. Reasons to change the names on savings bonds are adding a co-owner, changing a beneficiary to a co-owner, dropping a co-owner or the complete transfer of bond ownership to a new owner or co-owners.

Download the PDF 4000, Request to Reissue United States Savings Bonds, form from the website. Find the form under the "Form" menu tab on the website.

Complete the form information on your computer before printing. The Treasury forms are interactive and the required data can be typed in before a form is printed. Do not sign the form after printing.

Take the completed PDF 4000 form to your bank to have the signature(s) on the form verified by a bank official.

Mail the completed and signature certified PDF 4000 form, the savings bonds and any supporting documents to one of the Treasury Retail Securities Sites listed on the form. The Treasury will reissue the bonds with the new names.


  • Instructions for the PDF 4000 form are on pages 5 through 7 of the form. Print those pages first to provide assistance completing the form on your computer.


  • The ownership of series EE bonds can be transferred through the reissue process. An owner of a series I bond cannot be removed unless he has died.