How to Change or Create a PIN on Your EBT Card in Alabama

How to Change or Create a PIN on Your EBT Card in Alabama
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In Alabama, when you qualify for cash benefits (Temporary Assistance) or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), your details will go into the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) system. Once you are part of the system, you will receive an EBT card. The card acts as a debit card that enables you to purchase food items from a SNAP-authorized store. And the store will receive reimbursement for the food you buy.

Without the EBT card, you will not receive food stamps. In addition, the card also allows you to receive additional cash assistance so children too young for school who would have otherwise have qualified for Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer (P-EBT) program do not go hungry.

Therefore, you must know where to get one and how to create or change the food stamp PIN that provides access to your benefits.

Get the EBT Card in Alabama

You can get the EBT card by opening an account online and applying for food stamps after checking the eligibility criteria to determine whether you meet them.

However, you can also apply in person. In that case, you would need to visit the County Department of Human Resources (DHR) office in your area and request guidance on applying.

The other option is to reach out to the Alabama SNAP hotline at ​1-334-242-1700 and ask for instructions on getting food stamps.

Get a Replacement EBT Card in Alabama

Human beings tend to lose, misplace or steal. So, if you lose access to your EBT card due to any of these reasons, you can get a replacement EBT card by calling the customer service reps. The toll-free number is ​1-800-997-8888.

The Alabama EBT Change PIN Procedure

You must have a PIN to use your EBT card. And it would be wise to create something you can remember easily for your new EBT card. Remember, though, that the old PIN will still work for the replacement card unless you change it.

Also, if you are worried that someone has access to your old PIN, you can change it to something else. Otherwise, if they use your card and buy food, no one will replace those benefits for you.

1. Change the Food Stamp PIN via Phone

You can create a new PIN or change the one you already have by calling the toll-free number ​1-800-997-8888​. It would be best to prepare to follow the prompts and provide personal details to confirm your identity when doing this.

So, you will need to select your language of choice, which could be English or Spanish. Then you would need to enter the 16-digit EBT card number printed on the front. After that, you would have to enter your date of birth in the format mm/dd/yy and your Social Security number.

Once that part is complete, you will receive prompts to enter a four-digit PIN twice before completing the activation process.

2. Change the Food Stamp PIN in Person

You can change your EBT card PIN in person by visiting your local Job Centers and SNAP centers or social services offices and requesting help in doing so.

3. Change the Food Stamp PIN Online

You can perform the EBT change PIN procedure online by visiting the cardholder portal at and logging in with your 16-digit EBT card number.

Once you get into your account, you can click on the PIN select button and enter your date of birth in the format mm/dd/yy. After that, put in your Social Security number and enter your PIN of choice twice before clicking the update button.

You should select a PIN you can remember because the system will tolerate only so many errors. If you enter the wrong PIN more than four times, your account will be unavailable until the following day. And that could be pretty inconvenient when you are desperate for something to eat for you and your loved ones.