How to Change the Name of a File in Quicken

How to Change the Name of a File in Quicken
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Developed by Intuit, Inc., Quicken is personal finance management software that helps you perform tasks such as creating budgets, producing reports and writing checks. If you are a Quicken user, the ability to rename data files can be very helpful as it allows you to change the “Qdata” file name that Quicken, by default, assigns to saved data files. You have the option of modifying this file name to something that is more meaningful to you. To rename a data file, you must go to “File Operations” to make the necessary change.

Open Quicken, click on the File menu, select “File Operations” and then choose “Rename.”

Choose the file you would like to rename, or type the name of the file in the “File name” field.

Type a new file name in the “New Name for Quicken File” field and then select “OK.” You have successfully changed the name of a file in Quicken.