How to Change a Name With the Credit Bureaus

When your legal name changes, you bear the burden of contacting each company with which you have an active account to update your information. In most cases, the credit bureaus automatically update your name on your credit file when the new information is reported by your creditors at the end of the billing cycle. If you find that your name has not been changed with any of the three major credit-reporting agencies -- Experian, Equifax and TransUnion -- contact them directly to request that your personal information be updated.

Contacting Each Credit Bureau

The credit-reporting agencies are separate entities, so you’ll need to send written correspondence regarding your recent name change to each credit bureau that contains the outdated information. This can typically be done either electronically or through mail. The mailing address and online dispute process for each bureau can be found on its website.

Requesting a Name Change

When creating your name-change request letter, clearly state your previous legal name, your new legal name, your Social Security number and the reason for your name change, such as marriage or divorce. Include a copy of any supporting documentation you have confirming your name change such as an updated copy of your Social Security card, driver’s license, divorce papers or marriage certificate. You can verify that your name has been properly updated by each bureau by requesting a free copy of your credit report directly from each agency or through