How to Change a Debit Card Number

Your debit card personal identification number, or PIN, is the number you use to access your bank account through an ATM and pay for purchases when you swipe your debit card. Many banks recommend changing your PIN every six months or so to protect your account from theft. As long as you know your PIN, you can change it at your bank’s ATM machine or by calling your bank’s customer service number. If you’re unsure of your PIN and want to change it, you’ll have to call your bank to do so.

Changing Your PIN at an ATM

Visit one of your bank’s ATM machines.

Slide your card into the ATM machine and enter your current PIN.

Select “Other selections” or “More Options.” Select “PIN Change.” Enter your new desired PIN and press “Enter.” Enter your PIN again and press “Enter” again. A confirmation screen will appear and notify you that your PIN has been changed.

Calling Your Bank

Call your bank’s customer service number, which you can find on your bank statement. Listen for an option to change your PIN; if there is no option, then choose an option that relates to your debit card.

Tell the customer service representative that you would like to change your PIN. Provide your bank account number. You will probably have to provide your debit card number and possibly your Social Security number, too. Some bank’s customer service numbers will instruct you to simply enter your desired PIN by using the dial pad on your phone, rather than speaking to a customer service agent.

Insert your card in one of your bank’s ATM machines. Enter your new PIN to ensure that it works.


  • Some banks will issue you a completely new debit card with an automatically generated PIN if you call to request a PIN change.

    You can also change your PIN at some banks by visiting the bank itself. Each bank varies.