How to Change a Credit Card Number

How to Change a Credit Card Number
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Many consumers rely on credit cards for monthly automatic payments, repeat transactions and everyday use. Though keeping the same card number makes these conveniences possible, it sometimes becomes necessary to get the number changed. When such a situation arises, getting a replacement card with a different number typically is as easy as requesting a new card online or calling the issuing bank.

Request Online

Many major financial institutions allow cardholders to request a replacement card online. To do so, simply log into the bank’s online account management portion of the website and click the link for a replacement card. Depending on the financial institution, this link may have a title like “Replacement card,” or “Report lost or stolen card.” When the bank replaces the card, the new one will have a different number.

Request by Phone

Changing a credit card number can be done by phone by calling the customer service number on the back of the card. Bank representatives can issue a replacement card based on a phoned-in request, though it may be necessary to select an option like “Report a lost or stolen card” from an automated menu to reach an empowered representative.

Temporarily Cardless

When a cardholder requests a replacement credit card with a different number, many financial institutions immediately disable the existing card. Any transactions which rely on the card having the same card number, including automatic bill payment, may fail until the account is updated with the new card number.