How to Change a CRA Address

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The Canada Revenue Agency, or CRA, requires that Canadian citizens who move change the address in their system immediately. The CRA deals with Canada’s taxes and tax information, so informing the CRA as soon as possible after a move is important in keeping the government informed about your tax information. The CRA does not provide address change information to other agencies, like the post office, and they are not provided with information from other agencies to protect privacy, which makes changing the address vital, especially when receiving payments from the CRA.

Change your address online through the CRA website. Changing an address online requires registering online through their “My Account” button. Once registered, online changes are available. Simply fill in the new information and save the information.

Change the address over the phone. Call the Individual Income Tax Enquiries phone number and speak to a representative. The phone number is 1-800-959-8281. Inform of the change of address and give any information requested regarding proof of identity.

Mail the change to the local tax center. Give a name, Social Security number, the new address and the date of the move so that it is updated in the CRA system. The mailing address will differ based on which tax center is closest to the new location.

Fax the change to the local tax center. Like the mailing, faxing to the tax center requires giving a name, Social Security number, the new address and the date of the move. Fax numbers differ by the tax center specific to the area.