How to Change the Beneficiary on a Savings Bond

How to Change the Beneficiary on a Savings Bond
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For a long time, U.S. Savings Bonds have been a preferred method of savings for many Americans. Some use them for personal savings, others use them as a way to save for children and grandchildren. Because things have a way of changing, savings bonds offer the owner of the bond the flexibility to be able to change beneficiaries. The process for making these changes is very simple.

Visit the US savings bonds website, and click “Enter” under the section for individuals. Next, click the “Forms” tab. On the left, click where it says “Savings Bond Forms,” then click on “Reissue Forms.” The form number for individual savings bonds is PD F 4000. When you have located the form you can either print and fill the form out manually or you can type information into the form and print once it is complete.

Describe the bond for which you want to change the beneficiary in Part A, section one, of the form, You will need the issue date, face amount, bond number and amount. You will also need to provide information on how the bond is currently registered.

Choose to either reissue the bond in full or a percentage of the bond in the second section of the form. Most people will have the bond reissued in full.

Provide information on how you would like the new bond to be registered in the third section of the form. List the owner or owners and the new beneficiary.

Provide the address of where you want the bonds delivered in the fourth section of the form.

State "beneficiary change" as the reason for the reissue in Part B of the form.

Complete Part C of the form, which requires the address, social security number and phone number of parties involved. The signature of all owners must be certified by a medallion stamp. A medallion stamp can be obtained at most local financial institutions.

Send completed form to one of the Treasury Retail Securities Sites listed below.

PO Box 299 Pittsburgh, PA 15230-0299

PO Box 214 Minneapolis, MN 55480-0214


  • If you have a computer but do not have access to a printer you can request that one be sent to you by mail.

    If you do not have a computer, you will need to contact the closest federal reserve bank and request that the form be sent to you by mail.

    All U.S. Savings Bonds forms are in Adobe PDF format. If you don't have it, you can download it free of charge at the official Adobe website.

    If you have more than three bonds to reissue, space is provided on page 4.

    Additional instructions for completing the form are provided on pages 5-7


  • Whomever provides the medallion stamp will need to witness the signatures of everyone who signs the form. Make sure you do not sign until you are in their presence.