How to Change Bank Account Information

How to Change Bank Account Information
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Marriage, divorce, moving to a new home and death of a spouse are some of the reasons to change your bank account information. If there has been any change in your personal information, it is wise to update your financial bank account information. To prevent fraud and identity theft, most banks will not permit changes to an account over the phone. Several easy ways are available to accomplish changing your bank account information.

Use the features provided on your online account to change your personal account information. Log-on to your bank account and click on "Customer Service". Select the link for the information you want to change, make your changes and save the new information.

Visit a branch of your bank. Ask to see the customer service representative and give them the information you need changed in your account. This is an easy process that can be completed while you wait.

Call or write a letter to your bank requesting a form which will change the information on your bank account. This form will be sent to the address of record on your account. Complete the form and return it to the bank.


  • To change the name on a bank account, you must show a valid identification with the new name. This is for your protection.


  • Do not reply to any unsolicited emails from your bank. This is a common scam to get your personal banking information.