How to Change Your Address for Food Stamps in Indiana

Indiana offers many programs to assist low-income families and individuals. These include child-care assistance, health care coverage and nutritional aid, such as food stamps. Although food stamps is a federally funded program, each state administers its own program. If you already receive food stamps, you may need to change your contact information to prevent any interruptions in your benefits if you move. You may fill out a simple form online or at a local office of the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration.

Go to the main website of the Indiana state government. Click on “Find An Agency” at the top of the web page.

Scroll down until you see “Family & Social Services Administration” in the alphabetical listing. Click on this link.

Click on the green “Manage Your Benefits” link on the menu bar on the left-hand side.

Click on your county from the list. For example, if you live in Adams County, click on “Adams.” If you are moving between counties, click on the county in which you initially applied for food stamps. For example, if you lived in Whitley County and signed up for food stamps while living there, click on "Whitley" even if your new address is in Cass County.

Click on “Apply for Benefits Online.” In the new menu, click on "Report a Change.” This link is directly across from the heading that reads “Review Your Current Benefits.”

Enter your case number, last name, date of birth and the last four digits of your Social Security number into the appropriate boxes. Click on “Login.”

Follow the onscreen instructions to change your address. After typing in your new address, review the information to ensure that it is correct before clicking “Submit.”


  • Alternatively, go to the office of your county's FSSA division and request the form to change your address. The office's address is available by clicking on your county from the list provided on the website.