How to Get Cash Using a Debit Card

How to Get Cash Using a Debit Card
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One benefit of a debit card is that you can use the funds in your checking account without carrying cash. However, you might need cash for certain purchases. There are two basic ways you can get cash with a debit card -- either at an automatic teller machine or in a retail store that allows cash back on debit card purchases.

ATM Machines

You can withdraw cash from an ATM machine owned by your bank or owned by another operator. While you can usually withdraw money from your bank's ATM without paying a fee, you might have to pay a fee if you withdraw from a machine owned by another bank. Most banks have daily withdrawal limits on cash withdrawals. To make a withdrawal, you insert your card into the machine and enter your personal identification code, or PIN number. You can only withdraw cash from the available funds in your account.

Cash Back Transactions

The other option to get cash with your debit card is a cash back transaction through a retail store. Most retailers let you add cash back on top of your purchase amount since the money is paid directly from a bank account. Stores often place limits on the amount you can get back to avoid quickly depleting their own cash for making change.